Homeland Security
AAC has successfully leveraged technologies developed for Navy warfighting purposes to support Homeland Security missions. AAC’s sensors and sensor systems (Sensor Hardware) provide exceptional maritime surveillance and alert capabilities for threats ranging from surface vessels to divers.

Additionally, AAC is addressing critical infrastructure protection by integrating “best of breed” solutions to provide low cost reliable perimeter surveillance and alert capabilities.

  • Moored Buoy Surveillance Systems

  • AAC’s Moored Buoy Surveillance Systems, currently under development, will detect and track vessels of interest transiting or operating in deepwater or coastal waters – simultaneously transmitting the data to the designated command center.

    The Moored Buoy Surveillance Systems will address surveillance and alert requirements to support diverse applications such as:

    • Sea basing and security of maritime areas of interest and choke points
    • Maritime domain awareness of the homeland approaches and coastal waters
    • Interdiction of vessels engaged in transport of illegal drugs or illegal immigrants

    AAC’s Moored Buoy Surveillance Systems may be configured for deep or shallow waters, accommodate AIS and/or acoustic detection, provide persistent, low cost and dependable coverage of areas of interest and utilizes existing commercial satellite communication links.
  • In Harbor Ship Defense

  • AAC has designed an active/passive acoustic system that provides detection and identification of swimmers, divers, and diver propulsion vehicles at distances of more than 300 yards. Validated with at-sea testing, the system can provide a 99% detection rate with an extremely low false alarm rate. AAC’s swimmer and diver detection system is being demonstrated under a current Navy program to detect and localize unauthorized swimmers and divers around Navy surface platforms either at anchorage or in port. This system can provide a ship and/or port 360 degree coverage.

  • Port and Harbor Underwater Threat Detection System

  • AAC’s Underwater Threat Detection System will customize affordable and automated detection, localization, and classification of surface and underwater threats to a specific port or harbor. The system has successfully demonstrated detection of underwater threats entering harbor areas and/or approaching docks and piers. The system will be configured for integration into existing port security and event notification systems, providing comprehensive surface and underwater threat detection capability for areas of high interest and/or value. The system is designed to provide highly accurate and affordable detection and prevention of attacks from threats such as small surface craft or divers carrying Improvised Explosive Devises (IED).
  • Perimeter Surveillance

  • The classification capability of AAC’s Acoustic Compact Wideband Air-Array (ACWA) Sensor system provides a cost effective and reliable capability for perimeter surveillance. The system can be configured for integration into existing perimeter security and event notification systems, thereby eliminating false alarms and providing redundancy for border and perimeter surveillance of critical infrastructures.

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In this asymetric war, the US must rely on the very best technology available to equip those responsible for keeping our homeland secure. AAC's passive acoustic sonar system is one of those "best technologies." ~ Walt Wright, Director of Business Development - AAC