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AAC Internship Program

Experience Real On-The-Job Training
AAC's student interns gain valuable on-the-job training while exploring technical career options.

"My time as an intern at AAC allowed me to not only learn more about a technology company close to home, but it exposed me to the inner workings and challenges of working in the Department of Defense industry. Additionally, AAC has instilled in me the passion and sense of pride that comes with supporting our country’s warfighters." ~ Patrick Hresko
"During my internship at AAC, I worked directly on Department of Defense projects allowing me to gain real work experience while using my education. AAC was quickly growing and I was exposed to engineering practices that emphasized the use of new technology in developing innovative solutions. My successful internship experience lead to full time employment with AAC, where I continue to build my career." ~ Lindsay Mansberry

Paid Internships and Six Month Co-ops Offered
AAC offers paid internships for exceptional engineering and science students. Many interns return for several summers, building their resumes with diverse project experiences. AAC also offers a six month co-op experience for qualified candidates.

"AAC values its interns. As an intern at AAC, you will work on real projects, attend meetings where your input is valued, and collaborate with a mentor who will help you become familiarized with the inner workings of a career within your chosen field." ~ Michael Goldense

Extending Classroom Knowledge
AAC's business model is to work closely with local institutions of higher education to develop the skilled professional workforce needed by a national distributive engineering company serving the defense industry. AAC works closely with the science and engineering departments of local universities, bringing industry's perspective to curriculum development.

"The internship program is a great way for prospective students to see what it is like to work in the software field and to work as a team. It is not just filing papers, the student will use their knowledge and apply it to actual problems, while at the same time learning many things in the process that can be directly applied in their continued studies." ~ Dustin Overmiller
AAC offers long term opportunities for professionals interested in a challenging and rewarding career environment - one in which both the employee and company grow together. ~ Rich Lawless, Sr VP Corporate Operations - AAC