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- Tactical   Training   Equipment
- Tactical   System   Performance   Assessment   and Support
- Logistics   Data   Management
Rapid Supportability Insertion (RSI)

AACís Rapid Supportability Insertion (RSI) products provide rapid updates of critical logistic, maintenance, parts, training and support data.

RSI consists of tools and processes to support and extend Rapid Technology Insertion (RTI) initiatives. RSI is built on open source, license-free, and Open Architecture Computing Environment (OACE) compliant software components. RSI is built to conform and adapt to todayís XML standards, such as the ADL Shareable Content Object Reference model (SCORM), S1000D, and Navy Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) Reusable Learning Object (RLO).

At the heart of the RSI approach is Object Oriented Content, which is developed and stored as discrete XML objects that can be managed and published to multiple formats and views. Content is developed once and then reused in different applications by transforming the content into any machine or human readable format without depending on proprietary APIs or expensive licenses. This approach helps eliminate stovepipe development and maintenance, and facilitates information reuse.

RSI Provides:
  • Training Development, Delivery, and Tracking: Web delivered, ILE and SCORM 1.2/2004 compliant training programs serving classroom, shipboard and shore-based needs with web based training, display simulation, sensor simulation and battle group training sensor simulation
  • Tactical Training Equipment: AACís Tactical Training Equipment (TTE) technology is one of the most innovative solutions for the RTI market. TTE leverages state-of-the-art data-cast link manager, session management, and monitor record interface (MRI) tap point technologies
  • Tactical System Performance Assessment and Support: Electronic Performance Support Systems that provide on-line access to integrated information, assistance, data, assessment and monitoring
  • Logistics Data Management: Logistics management with Point-of-Origin to Point-of- Installation tracking, data collection, diagnostic capabilities, maintenance tasking and deferred maintenance capabilities
AACís RSI technologies are designed to develop, sustain and verify proficiency in key programs such as:
  • SNIUTT (Surface Navy Integrated Undersea Tactical Technology) which provides mine-like contact recognition training for mine hunting sonar and data analysts
  • SH-60B/60R TOFT (Tactical Operations Flight Trainer) and P-3 TORT (Tactical Operations Readiness Trainer) which provide shore based training for sensor operators
  • AEGIS Q70 Console Operation (Next Generation CLASS) which provides console operator training in a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) environment with the same content being deployed to ship, classrooms, labs, and through Navy ILE (Integrated Learning Environment)
  • IPS/SIPS (Task Assistant via Learning Management System for Improved Performance Sonars and Scaled Improved Performance Sonars) which records and plays back user actions synchronized with data to provide instruction and guidance in application procedures
RSI is implemented through a Web Service Architecture, which:
  • Combines common functions from separate applications into single services, re-used as needed, reducing maintenance and total software lines of code
  • Allows rapid construction, deployment, and alteration of business rules to manage access and read/write ability
  • Supports unlimited data producers and consumers with infinite scalability
  • Permits plug and play implementation of diverse data producers and consumers with addition of a transformation API
RSI fundamental design principles include:
  • Write once, reuse many times, transform to any format
  • XML as common data transport and storage format
  • Content is managed by a unified data repository linking diverse data producers and consumers
  • All software is open-source, with no license fees
  • Standards-compliant (SCORM, W3C, S1000D, Dublin Core, CORDRA, etc)
RSIís adaptable and extensible tools and processes have been leveraged across the logistics infrastructure, including (but not limited to):
  • Training
  • Support
  • Reference
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Parts Management
  • Transportation
  • Product/Parts delivery lifecycle

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Rapid Supportability Technology provides comprehensive authoring, data storage, playback, and Simulation/Stimulation tools to create tactically realistic knowledge and skills training for today’s warfighter. ~ Robert Olsen, VP Production Systems & Support - AAC