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Rapid Technology Insertion (RTI)

Critical to sustaining the operational superiority of the United States’ forces is access to the latest technological innovations.

AAC’s Rapid Technology Insertion is geared towards providing today’s warfighter with the best technology as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Rapid Technology Insertion incorporates advanced technologies as they become available, without requiring intrusive and expensive redesign.
Rapid Technology Insertion is supported by AAC’s technical and business philosophy of developing common superset capabilities that are scalable and reusable across multiple customer and platform communities, providing the most affordable technology solutions. Key to this approach is leveraging the open standard and open architecture Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) market for both hardware and software, and providing integrated solutions to customers without proprietary or expensive license constraints.

Product Development: AAC embraces a “build-test-build” approach that includes regular integration, test, field demonstration and evaluation events. Build-test-build avoids the “all or nothing” mentality, ensuring that the product meets customer requirements and incorporates the best technology for efficient operation and optimum performance. Build-test-build is a process that gives the customer an opportunity to see the product early, accommodating critical fleet involvement and feedback early in product development and through every step of the product’s life cycle.

Product Transition: AAC uses an open architecture enterprise transition spiral management model that enables affordable and expeditious technology insertion across multiple user and customer communities. This agile spiral development model, based on ISO/IEEE 12207 software development principles, including requirements, design and test readiness reviews, ensures that customer and user involvement and concurrence are obtained throughout the process.

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AAC meets ongoing technology challenges by bringing to our customer the 'best of breed' technology, selected without prejudice, from small businesses, labs, academia, large industries and centers of excellence. ~ Brian Boyle, Sr VP Legislative Strategy - AAC